Are Talk Radio Shows Really Fair and Balanced?Are Talk Radio Shows Really Fair and Balanced?

Are Talk Radio Shows Really Fair and Balanced?

Most talk radio shows are not balanced or fair, they are driven by ideology because ideology is easy to sell. Although, there is a case to be made that talk radio is just a reflection of an ideological divide that already exists and can be easily exploited. Does Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck want to fairly discuss the political events in America? Of course not. They, like their counterparts on the left, want to sell a product. That product is their shows, and there seems to be plenty of buyers on the right and left in the American talk radio market.

This discussion can be compared to the classic, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg,” question. Did talk radio create a partisan audience or was the partisan audience waiting to be found? Back in the 90s, liberals were up in arms because conservative lawmakers were tying rap music to violence. The left argued that rap songs were just a poetic reflection of the violence that was already a reality for inner-city minorities. It is difficult to now say that talk radio is the cause of division rather than it just exploiting a division that already existed.

On the other hand, a free people cannot get hooked on feel-good propaganda that constantly massages them into the false sense that their views are always correct and then expect to have a functioning democracy. All Americans must guard against propaganda in all forms. Talk radio is mostly delivered by people with a very personal agenda, and that agenda is to market themselves to make a good living, not to protect the democracy.

Critical thought and intellectual honesty are difficult to find in talk radio, and that is never going to serve the advanced citizenship required of a free people.

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